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 Title: Using Data as Your Competitive Advantage for Growth

Hosted by: SMARTMD + Health Pivots

The old adage, “sales is a numbers game” still holds true. In the past, it meant throwing more resources at the problem. Today, it means using data to better understand your market and your operations. Growing efficiently is the motto in our current financial environment.

In this educational webinar, we will explore two distinct views of the world – one looking out at the market, the other looking in at your operations. We’ll show you how to use data to gain an accurate perspective, highlighting pitfalls and common biases along the way. We’ll conclude with how you can use these insights to focus limited resources on the most impactful changes.

 Who should attend: Palliative Care facility:  Executives, Sales & Community Outreach, Partner/Relationship Managers, Palliative Care Admissions Team Members.

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Join one of our SMARTMD webinars to learn about process improvement, better efficiency, and ways to increase the number of patients for whom you can provide service.

With more than two decades of helping a wide range of medical service providers, including palliative and hospice, we have gained significant insights to enhance the admissions process. Our webinars show how these insights can be applied to your practice or facility, reducing the burden on staff and improving the patient (and family) experience.

Of course, we have also used these insights to improve the tools we’ve developed to help admissions teams manage their own process. With our VIP and CRM applications, palliative and hospice organizations have significantly improved time to admissions, communication, and visibility.

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