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Reports that stand up in court

When you’re involved in a litigated case, the quality of your notes count.

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Your notes are going to end up in a court of law, where every detail counts (from the thoughtful assessment to the routine date of accident). A single mistake can lose the case and with it, any reimbursement for services rendered.

With over a decade of experience helping physicians document Worker’s Compensation, auto accident, and personal injury cases, we know what matters. Our transcriptionists are trained to make sure your reports are complete, accurate, and delivered on time. We help you create medical records that will stand up to the rigors of the courtroom.


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On-time delivery

Concerned about claims deadlines? Get your reports back by the next morning.


Online archive

Search and refax a report to your attorney, anytime, anywhere.


Claims invariably need supporting reports. Never lose sight of where your reports are with our online tracking tools.


No startup fees
No minimums

Whether your practice specializes in PIP, or you have a litigated case once in a blue moon, there are no extra fees.

Professional Recording App

We provide the tools to make recording those long dictations easy.



Go ahead and make changes. Dictate addendums or fax in marked copies. We’ll have the corrections back to you the next day.