The wide impact of COVID - SMARTMD The wide impact of COVID - SMARTMD

Like you, and everyone, we see and read stories about COVID every day. While there are many stories about the spread of the virus, the impact of the pandemic is seen in virtually every facet of life. We’ve collected a portion of the COVID-related stories we’ve read below. 

COVID and Technological Advancement

Over the past year and a half, technology, as it relates to healthcare, has advanced in ways that we experience each day as well as in ways that will manifest themselves in years to come. Some of these advancements came so fast that we already take them for granted. Video conference tech has become extremely robust to accommodate the increased demand. Telehealth has been a beneficiary.  Healthcare Finance   StatNews

Awareness of Misinformation

We’ve known that there are people who, for various reasons, willingly and ignorantly spread misinformation. What has become apparent over the past year or more is the extent of damage this can do. Not everyone is able to discern the fiction being spread and unwittingly become its victims as well as participants in its further dissemination.  Some of the larger online channels are taking action to curb the spread of misinformation, recently Reddit took steps.

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Fast Response, mRNA

“Unprecedented” is the term used to describe the pandemic of 2020/21. The disruption to our lives has not been seen in generations. Healthcare was overwhelmed, people put lives on hold, and the global economy ground nearly to a halt.  But, also unprecedented was the response from our science & research community. The speed of development and effectiveness of the mRNA vaccine was tremendous. While the early efficacy estimates may be higher than what we are actually seeing, the real-world numbers are nonetheless impressive by any standard.  

From the BusinessInsider, a look at the studies regarding the effectiveness of the COVID vaccines.

Policy Development Practices

It is not new to realize that those who develop and implement policy are often not part of the group for whom the policies are developed. While well-intentioned, the disconnect means important nuances are missed. Nuances that can get in the way of the intended impact. With the fast spread of the virus, many of these gaps became glaringly obvious. Organizations have started reviewing and restructuring the boards that help develop policy in order to address these unintended issues. 

Here is s story out of the U.K. about the Health and Wellbeing Alliance and how they are tackling the challenge.

Vigilance Is Still Important

While adults have access to the vaccine, we still have risks associated with COVID.  But, as children remain unvaccinated, their risk factors haven’t improved. In fact, as adults become more relaxed, the risk to children increases. As was the case in a classroom in California, we are reminded that we have an obligation to the children to remain vigilant.  The story here.


When we are through this pandemic, there are lessons to be carried well beyond the end. Though caught unprepared with devastating results, we can see that our ability to respond is strong. If we don’t let our guard down, we may be prepared for the next pandemic and mitigate the impact.