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Time is money

Show your surgeons you value theirs. Simplify their clinical documentation process.

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Your doctors count on you to take care of all the paperwork so they can focus on the patient. Not providing patient care is a waste of their time.

SMARTMD can help you take the complexity and time out of the paper surgical chart. Clinical staff can fill out surgical forms in the operating room with our digital ink technology. Physicians can dictate the procedure directly into the patient’s chart. The surgeon’s staff can retrieve clinical notes online, without having to call you to request a copy. SMARTMD can help you become the preferred surgical center for your doctors.


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Next day 9am

Get reports back to your referring physician within 24 hours


Online archive

The surgeon’s staff can obtain clinical reports online, without calling you for a copy.


Surgical claims invariably need supporting clinical notes. Never lose site of where your reports are with our online tracking tools.

Surgical Schedule

Integrated with your EMR, we can give surgeons visibility to their schedule right from their iPhone.


Digital Ink

Replace paper with our digital forms that look and feel like paper.


Dictate your way Options

Set up speed dial so your surgeons can dictate immediately after the operation. Or, let doctors dictate directly from their iPhones.