Scheduling 3.0 - A New Look - SMARTMD Scheduling 3.0 - A New Look - SMARTMD

SMARTMD is pleased to announce version 3.0 of our popular scheduling app. Over the past few months we’ve been incrementally adding features that help office managers and administrators save time. If you’ve ever uploaded your appointments from your EMR, you’re already using it. Features include viewing all provider travel schedules in one shot, and sending secure messages to remind providers about their missing notes. The release is available for immediate use at

“This release is all about the needs of our customers.”, stated Nandip Kothari, CEO of SMARTMD. “We’re glad we could add the features and tools that admins – the folks who keep clinics and practices running – need to make their daily jobs easier.”

What’s New

With this release customers can:

  • Identify visits with missing documentation
  • Reminder providers with a secure message
  • View provider travel schedules for the next 6 weeks
  • Confirm tentative appointments scheduled by providers from their iPad
  • Group and schedule home patients using city address
  • Track new patient referrals
  • Run reports on discharged patients

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New Look of Scheduling 3.0

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