Hospice CRM | Accelerate CRM Features for Sales Teams Hospice CRM | Accelerate CRM Features for Sales Teams

In the world of hospice, strong relationships with referral partners and prospective partners are critical to the growth of the organization. There are many challenges to maintaining these relationships:

  1. Tracking meeting & call notes
  2. Prioritizing accounts
  3. Monitoring activity

To assist salespeople and sales managers in developing relationships, SMARTMD’s Accelerate CRM is built with unique features designed to help sales teams. With a mobile-first approach, the Accelerate CRM gives front-line salespeople core tools to manage communication.

Outlook Integration

As with any CRM, Accelerate provides teams with core sales communication tools. But, the reality is that sales teams work within an organization with events and meetings outside the context of sales.So, our Accelerate CRM integrates with MS Outlook to incorporate your broader business schedule into your sales schedule.  With Outlook integrated, a salesperson sees things like staff meetings right in their CRM calendar.

Ad Hoc Call note-taking

Scheduling and recording meeting notes is necessary for all sales organizations. But, not all important conversations are scheduled. Ad hoc calls and serendipitous encounters at facilities can be the place of important conversations.

Accelerate CRM allows you to easily record a conversion or take notes directly from your contact list. There is no need to “schedule” a past meeting on your calendar and then add a note. Simply find the contact, swipe, and add your notes.

Quick View of Contact History

When salespeople get busy, it can be difficult to keep track of who they’ve met and when. To help bring overlooked accounts to a salesperson’s attention, Accelerate CRM integrates “last notes” information directly into the contact list. Salespeople will see how long it’s been since the account was contacted and, with a tap, have access to the notes. 

The color-coded icons make it quick and easy to see where they should schedule a call.

Card Scan to Add Contact

When you meet a new contact in the field, at an event, or in the facility, Accelerates business card reader makes it easy to add them to the CRM. Simply take a phot of the business card, and Accelerate CRM will handle the entry. It will also flag the contact if the person is already present, allowing you to merge, replace, or cancel the addition. The process saves time, is more accurate, and reduces system duplication.

Prioritize Accounts & Track Activity

Beyond the scope of this article, there are methods for account prioritization that can aid sales teams in directing their focus (we have methods to help with this.) Once prioritized, salespeople and sales management can monitor the account activity.

With our grid visualization methods, Accelerate CRM provides a quick snapshot of account prioritization and the amount of communication that has occurred. This quickly highlights important accounts, the amount of communication, and accounts with which sales teams may spend a disproportionate amount of time. 

Divided into account categories by sales management, they can identify where they have spent time and click into the grid accounts to see the actual call notes (number of call notes per account displayed.)

The CRM Designed For Hospice

These are a few of the features Accelerate CRM provides Hospice sales teams to prioritize, track, and report on partner communication. With a mobile-first approach, the typical salesperson will have access to the tools they need while in the field, visiting partners and developing relationships. 

At the same time, with the connected data, systems, and reporting, management is able to ensure that activities are aligned with the sales strategy and account prioritization. 

To learn more about Accelerate CRM and other tools for hospice growth, contact us to set up an introductory meeting.