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You’ve worked extremely hard taking care of everyone else. Thank you. We hope that you will be able to take a break and relax with friends and family this Labor Day weekend.

For those of you who will use the weekend to catch up or simply won’t be able to get away, please note our offices will be closed Monday. If you require reports delivered on Monday September 7th, please drop us a note at We’re happy to accomodate, we just need a heads up. SMARTMD will be open as usual on September 8th.

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend!

Nandip Kothari, CEO

Rethinking Admissions in Response to Covid

COVID-19 is upheaving practically every aspect of daily life and business, to a degree many of us will likely never witness again in our lifetimes. As business leaders, we can interpret the disruption either as a crisis or as an opportunity. Seen as a crisis, we will respond with mitigation and risk reduction measures, with the objective to minimize loss. But if we look at disruptive change as a rare point in time when buyers are more willing to change habits, then COVID-19 may be an opportunity for rapid growth and building competitive advantages.

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Feature Highlight: Edit/Sign/Fax Reports

If you find you have little time during the day to sit down at your desk to review reports, the latest version of the SMARTMD app for iPhone/iPad is just what you need. You can edit, sign and even fax reports from your iPhone or iPad. And you don’t need to be online to do it.


  • Highlight – unsigned reports are marked with a red flag so you never miss one.
  • Edit – review and make changes to your report from your mobile device.
  • Sign – once you’re satisfied, mark the note as final; we’ll automatically insert your signature into the report.
  • Fax – on signature, you can choose who you want a signed copy sent to. If you saw the patient in a SNF or ALF facility, we’ll automatically select their business office as a recipient. If this is a follow up visit, we’ll even remind you of providers you had sent notes to in the past.
  • Offline – lost your network connection? Not a problem. You can still do your work and we’ll sync your changes to the cloud when you’re back online (automatically).

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