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Better Palliative Care

Mobile apps & solutions that work the way you do.

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Better Palliative Care

Mobile apps & solutions that work like you do.


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We know palliative care is a complex, unique setting for patients. Demands on providers and support staff are like nowhere else. Trying to use software that worked great in  Hospice care feels like you’re pushing a square into a round hole. If you’re still looking for a better solution, here are 10 reasons to consider SMARTMD.

#1 Chart and Reconcile Meds Faster Than Ever

Is the burden of documentation too much? Need speed and simplicity? Document your visits without a keyboard. Use your voice, a pen, and the camera on your phone. Our team takes care of the rest using Artificial Intelligence.

#2 View Charts with a Swipe

The most natural way to review a chart is with your fingers. Swipe or thumb through flowsheets, reports, handwritten notes, photos, and forms. All while examining the patient, walking through the facility, or at home when you get an emergency call.

#3 Make Billing Your Fan

When you’re out in the field or at patient’s home, the last thing on your mind is billing. With SMARTMD, it’s a snap to capture everything your billing team needs to submit a claim: facesheets, ID cards, charges, and diagnosis. Plus, with every visit automatically accounted for, nothing falls through the cracks.

#4 Work Offline

You need to be able to get to your charts, whether you have 5 bars or none at all! With SMARTMD, you can open charts, document visits, record charges wherever you happen to be. When you finally do get connected, your changes will get automatically backed up to the cloud.

#5 Communicate Securely & Efficiently

Taking care of a patient requires an entire team – multiple providers, social workers, chaplains, and admin staff. Open communications lines and a common picture of what’s going on with the patient helps ensure patient care. SMARTMD’s HIPAA compliant secure messaging platform ensures everyone has the information they need at their fingertips.

#6 Stop Running your Business on Excel

Are numerous departments tracking all their work in spreadsheets still? There’s a reason – spreadsheets are simple, flexible, and staff don’t have to wait for the IT department. SMARTMD queues and lists takes you to another level of work management, without losing the simplicity of spreadsheets.

#7 Gain Insight, Drive Behavior

Its true what they say – we improve what we measure. Dashboards for providers, admin staff, and management offer everyone insight into their direct impact on the business.

#8 Manage Referrals with Native CRM

Whether you just want to get a better idea of what’s driving new patients into your organization, or how well your organization is doing at converting referrals into palliative patients, SMARTMD’s Customer Relationship Management and Referral Managmeent app can help you. And because it’s a core part of the application, not a bolt-on or afterthought, there’s no duplicative work for staff.

#9 Don’t Throw Away Your EHR

Already invested a fortune in an EHR? No problem. SMARTMD integrates with some of the biggest (and smallest) EHRs on the market. Don’t like your EHR? We can help you migrate charts to your new system of choice, all without interrupting your business.

#10 Designed by your Peers

We knew we could never develop the perfect app on our own. So we worked with nationally renowned leader Four Seasons Compassion for Life to create a solution tailored for Palliative Care.

They have delivered on their promises…

At Four Seasons, we are committed to excellence and constantly striving towards quality, innovation and exploring better ways to co-create the care experience for our patients and community. SMARTMD has been a valuable partner in helping overcome the challenges that technology can bring to Palliative Care Operations. The team at SMARTMD have invested time to understand our business and have utilized innovative ideas and technology to meet our needs. They are committed to reducing the burden of provider documentation to allow our team to focus on our patients. SMARTMD is more than talk, they have delivered on their promises. SMARTMD has been a true partner for Four Seasons, allowing us to be the trusted partner for serious and advanced illness care. Our Vision to Innovate Healthcare, Influence Humanity, and Impact Life is strengthened through this relationship.

Christopher Morrissette

Chief Operating Officer of Palliative Care, Four Seasons


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