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Focus: Palliative Care 

As we share articles of interest on our social media accounts, we continue to learn quite a bit about what is happening in Palliative Care. Here are three that stuck out recently. 

A nurse who laid the foundation for 40 years of palliative care in Australia

Providing palliative care is difficult.  From educating patients and families, to gaining recognition, to lack of resources, providers of palliative care face a wide range of challenges.  There remain many challenges, but we have come a long way. The story of eighty-seven-year-old Katherine Kingsbury highlights the progress of palliative care Down Under, and exemplifies the dedication and professionalism of caregivers.

She started her career in the early 1970’s when medical services remained clinical and provided purely from the perspective of doctors and institutional care. She traveled the world learning of better ways to provide care, particularly for those patients who lived on the fringe and outside mainstream services. She brought her knowledge, compassion, and determination to Australia and New Zealand to effect change, creating the basis for modern palliative care.

Learn more about her journey and be inspired at Palliative Care Australia. 

Caregiving With Siblings: Resolving Issues While Caring for Parents

Often intertwined with palliative care situations, families caring for elders is both emotionally and physically draining for their children. When you throw in sibling dynamics, the toll can be exacerbated and quickly escalate. In many cases, even with relationships that are strong and healthy, caring for a parent will create stress and tension. For the relationships that are stained or even dysfunctional to start with, the added burden of eldercare can push the relationship to the edge.

For the sake of the parents who need care and the siblings involved with providing care, an outside professional perspective can help navigate the inevitable disagreements and challenges.

Learn more at

Illinois Approves Pediatric Palliative Care

The Illinois State Assembly has passed a bill to create an in-home palliative care benefit for children facing life-limiting conditions.

The legislation recognizes an unmet need for palliative care within services provided for children and funded by the state.

But, this is just part of the initial steps.

“Should the program prove successful in Illinois, it could serve as a model for establishing a national palliative care benefit, according to Sara Dado, Lightways’ senior director of clinical programs. Establishing a dedicated community-based palliative care benefit within Medicare has been a critical goal for many providers nationwide.”

Learn more at Hospice News.