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PACE VIP (Virtual Intake Platform)

Enroll participants faster and with less effort. Virtual Intake Platform (VIP) guides families step-by-step through enrollment from their mobile phone or desktop.

HIPAA Compliant | Efficient | Affordable

VIP Reviews

What is Virtual Intake Platform?

Watch this 60 second video to learn more about how VIP can help you meet your census targets while reducing administrative work.


Gather paperwork wherever patients & family are, reducing effort on staff.

Patient Satisfaction

Reduce stress on the patient & family going through enrollment.


Spend less time retyping into forms and screens. Works with your EHR.


Evidence based insights to shrink cycle times and grow your program.

Why VIP is better than an e-Signature solution?

E-signature apps are designed to complete a transaction, not build a relationship with a new customer. They also aren’t designed for the seriously ill who have limited vision and dexterity.

  • Mobile – 60% of patients & families will use their phone to complete forms; VIP ensures they can still read what they’re signing.
  • Intelligent – stop sending “dumb” PDFs to patients. VIP educates while taking patients through forms step-by-step, resulting in fewer mistakes and less work for medical records to clean up.
  • Revisable – no need to start from scratch, or pay for a second envelope, when you need to correct a form.
  • Offline – nurses and staff can complete forms with patients, even without connectivity.

How It Works

Virtual Intake Portal (VIP) simplifies the process for intake, the enrollment specialist, patients, and their caregivers. We provide a simple step-by-step experience for patients and caregivers that reduces the stress of admitting to PACE. Enrollment specialists can help patients through the process online, or complete paperwork on their iPad/iPhone/Android at the patient’s home. Intake teams use our cloud app from the office or at home, to receive paperwork immediately (no waiting on faxes).

Step 1: Invite patient or caregiver.

Step 2: Patient clicks link to watch explanation of service videos and review forms.

Step 3: Patients sign consent, scan documents, & upload paperwork.

Step 4: Enrollment specialist completes paperwork online or on iPad at patient home. All documents delivered to intake team.

Comparison Chart

We’ve completely reinvented the admission experience so you don’t have to. Compare our offering to typical alternatives and you’ll immediately see the difference. Not convinced, schedule a 30 minute demonstration and we’ll show you. Schedule Demo

VIP Docusign Adobe Sign
Sign Document X X X
Legible on mobile Phone X X
Works on any device (desktop, android, iPhone) without downloading an app X X
Does not require faxing; does not require printing and scanning X X X
Does not require an email address; mobile phone an option X
Works offline X
Partially completed forms can be finished in person X
Track user engagement X
Educates patients and family X
Enables patient and family to download completed forms anytime X
Patients & family can use their phone to scan Advanced Directives X
Integrated with EHRs X
Patients can switch between languages on their own X
Paperwork produced in multiple languages X

Work With One Of These EHRs? So Do We.

SMARTMD works with many EHR and EMRs

Your staff has enough on their plates to get a participant enrolled. Our solution works with industry leading EHRs. Forms get prefilled with patient demographic details so you (and patients) don’t have to. Signed consents, scanned paperwork, and patient uploaded documents all get pushed back into your EHR.

Don’t see your EHR? Call us. We’ll work with your vendor.

Schedule Demonstration

We can get you up and running within 48 hours after the demo.
Your account will include:

  • White labeled website for patients
  • Professionally produced Explanation of Service video
  • Customized for your enrollment forms
  • Mobile app for enrollment specialists
  • Patient/family can upload documents
  • No obligation, no term committment

Still have questions? Give us a call
+1 855-762-7863. A customer support associate will assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a virtual patient experience for enrollment?
That’s a great question. Read our article on why implementing a virtual admissions experience is vital for PACE patients, and why a simple eSignature app is a disservice to your customers: Rethinking Admissions in Response to Covid
How much does it cost?
There is an initial setup fee. After that, you pay a flat monthly fee to process all your enrollments through the app. We offer volume discounts so the more you use the app, the less expensive it costs.
How long does it take to get setup?
We can get you going in 4-6 weeks. We start with your existing enrollment packet, customize the site and train your staff. Post implementation, we work with you montly to review analytics and guide your team to maximizing their use of the platform.
Will this work with my EHR?
We have integrated our app with a number of popular EHRs, including many of the vendors in the Hospice and Palliative Care industry. We will work with your EHR platform of choice, even if we don’t have an integration currently.
Does it work on any device?
Yes. Patients can use any device with an internet connection – desktop, laptop, iPhone or Android phone. Intake staff are recommended to use a desktop or laptop. Enrollment specialists can use their laptops, or, if they want to work in a disconnected mode, they can use our app for the iPhone/iPad.
How do you integrate with SNFs/ALFs?
If your SNF/ALF requires a copy of admission paperwork, we’ll automatically fax them records once the patient has been enrolled.
Is the site HIPAA compliant?
Yes. SMARTMD has been in the healthcare industry for over 20 years. All our apps are HIPAA compliant. We will sign a business associate (BA) agreement. You can download a copy, sign, and we will execute.
Can I white label the explanation of service video?
Yes. Besides white-labeling the website your patients visit, you can also white-label the explanation of service video they watch on the site. The white labeled video includes custom graphics as well as voice over. This process does take an additional 2-3 weeks. Most customers use the agency agnostic video while they await their custom video production.