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Tracking referrals in Excel? It would drive anyone mad.

Medical Referral Management

Helps you turn referrals into patients.

  • Simple to Use
  • Grow Revenues
  • Reduce Leakage
  • Identify Your Best Referral Sources
  • Works with Your EHR
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Medical Referral Management & Healthcare CRM

The complete medical referral management / patient intake management system from SMARTMD helps physicians maximize the revenue from referrals. With easy tracking, you see the progression of your referrals from initial fax, through the first contact, appointment setting, visits, and billing. The SMARTMD system is designed to make referrals and patient intake as smooth and transparent as possible.

Medical Referral Software

SMARTMD’s Medical Referral Software is a powerful yet simple system connecting physicians to referral data from any device. Doctors or administrators can see the patient funnel on their iPhone, iPad, or desktop computer. Whether you log in to our web-based system or use our intuitive iPhone app, you are connected to the key business metrics of your practice to maximize your ROI.

Patient CRM

With SMARTMD’s Medical Referral software, doctors can increase the conversion of referrals to patients with our suite of communication tools. From alerts for administrative staff to automated reminders, your practice can manage patient communication to maximize revenue. Ensure each patient referral is contacted quickly, and minimize the “forgotten” appointments. With powerful Patient CRM tools, you can manage your communication with less time, keeping patients informed and increasing your visits.

Tracking Medical Referrals

From fax to visit, track referrals to see where you can improve patient communication and increase referral to patient conversions. The SMARTMD CRM visualizes your patient funnel from initial referral fax to first contact, scheduling, visit, and billing. By tracking the key management metrics, the software makes it easy for healthcare professionals to improve their referral to patient ratios.

By tracking each step in the process, and providing a clear visual of your referrals’ progress, you will know where to focus your efforts. Is your initial contact rate low? Do patients not show for scheduled visits? With SMARTMD’s tracking and visualization, you will be able to manage-by-the-numbers.

Patient Intake Management

Patient Intake Management is a key component of the SMARTMD system. From initial contact by the referring physicians to documenting the patient start and beyond, the intake process from SMARTMD lets you focus on the patient. Our Patient Intake Management system makes it easier to document and communicate throughout the process.

Works with Your EHR

As patients get scheduled (and eventually seen) in your EHR, we automatically update the referral in SMARTMD, avoiding time consuming double entry. You gain insight into which patients are moving down the funnel and which need your attention. Best of all, there are no setup fees or expensive integration modules to purchase from your EHR vendor. Don’t see your EHR on our list? Give us a call – we’d be happy to connect to your system at no charge.

SMARTMD Works with EHR