July 2020 News & Notes - SMARTMD July 2020 News & Notes - SMARTMD

The first half of 2020 has been unprecedented. Events have fundamentally changed our lives. How we go about our daily routines, how we see our neighbors, what we think of our future. Some have faced emotional and financial hardships we thought we could never bear.

This July 4th weekend offers a moment for us to slow down, catch our breaths, and try to remember what matters to us. This is particularly important for those of you caring for patients. Your patients and their families need to see hope in your eyes if they are going to get through this time.

The SMARTMD staff are also taking a short break. Our offices will be closed tomorrow (July 3rd). But, the after hours team will be available including through the weekend. If you need us, just email support@smartmd.com or leave a message at 855-762-7863 and we’ll get back with you as soon as possible.

Make the most of this holiday weekend and stay safe.

Nandip Kothari, CEO

The past month should not have been eye-opening. What we’ve seen, we’ve been seeing for centuries. With technology evolving over the past decade, we’ve seen it with devastating clarity, but the story is the same.

A person is killed because of the color of their skin. They are targeted because they are black. They are treated harshly because they are black. And, ultimately, they are killed because they are black.

We say “Black Lives Matter”, and we think “of course Black Lives Matter.” But, it’s not that simple.

The foundation of our county was laid and nurtured for centuries at a time when Black Lives were not a consideration aside from their value as chattel.  If this makes you uncomfortable, good. It should. It’s your humanity showing.

The issues of race in our country are deep and difficult. With many not even being aware, we have operated within a racist system. One where individuals of good conscience unwittingly perpetuate racist constructs. Think about things like standardized testing, financial redlining, policing techniques, or school financing to name a few. These things can’t be changed overnight. But, they must be changed.

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