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It’s not just your patients waiting for you.

SMARTMD works wherever you need to be.

  • Works with your EHR

  • Works Online & Offline

  • AI Powered

  • HIPAA Compliant Cloud Backup

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“I recently downloaded the iPad app for my doctor who is a creature of habit and was leery of the modern technology and how it would translate through. He loves being able to just click on a name and dictate while he walks around…” -Kim


“Great service for EHR practices. We use started using SmartMD once the realization set in with EHR that many visits still needed to be dictated. SmartMD transcribes the doctor’s dictation and posts them to the appropriate section of our EHR…” -Baker Eye Institute


“At Four Seasons, we are committed to excellence and constantly striving towards quality, innovation and exploring better ways to co-create the care experience for our patients and community. SMARTMD has been a valuable partner in helping overcome the challenges that technology can bring to Palliative Care Operations. The team at SMARTMD have invested time to understand our business and have utilized innovative ideas and technology to meet our needs. They are committed to reducing the burden of provider documentation to allow our team to focus on our patients.…” -Chris


“Connecting with Smart MD has been the best move for my practice in years. I was perpetually behind on my EHR documentation because i was so slow manually entering notes. Now I am back to pre-EHR efficiency. I recommend this strongly to any doctor who has dictated for most of their professional lives.” -Dr Beck


“Outstanding Service and Partnership from SMARTMD. Working with SMARTMD has been a dream come true. Transcribing Medical Records is new for our company. SMARTMD has displayed great expertise in the field of Medical Record transcribing, from the best process for scanning, to how to navigate different EMRs…” -Laura


“I recently downloaded the iPad app for my doctor who is a creature of habit and was leery of the modern technology and how it would translate through. He loves being able to just click on a name and dictate while he walks around…” -Kim

SMARTMD for iPhone iPad and Desktop

Dictation · Scan · Forms · Charges · Referrals · Messaging · MIPS

Introducing SMARTMD 7
for iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Whether you prefer to work at your desk, on your tablet, or on your phone, SMARTMD brings all these features to your fingertips.

For clinicians on the go and the administrative teams that support them, SMARTMD offers a suite of mature apps that save everyone time and money.

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Works with Your EHR

Want to see your patient schedule on your phone? No problem. We can even push notes directly into your EHR. Best of all, there are no setup fees or expensive integration modules to purchase from your EHR vendor.

Don’t see yours?
Please let us know!

SMARTMD Works with EHR
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Document without Typing

Tired of clicking through endless EHR screens? We have a better way to record your visit.
We combine it all to create a professional report.

what’s on your mind

Record with Voice

the patient condition

Record with Camera

your med list

Scan Document

on a worksheet

Record with Camera

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Swipe Through Charts

Your reports, patient photos, handwritten notes, and forms at your fingertips. Swipe through them all just like paper, while dictating today’s consult, procedure or surgery.

Did we mention you can keep working when you go OFFLINE? Our HIPAA compliant sync to cloud lets see patients even without WIFI.


Charge Capture with Secure Messaging

Closing the communications gap between providers and billers takes more than replacing paper charge sheets with electronic ones. Don’t settle.

Providers can scan facesheets, gather patient signatures, dictate clinical reports – everything billing needs to submit the claim.

CAPTURE everything
the biller needs.
Charge Capture

WORK QUEUE that reconciles paperwork against visits.
Something missing? Send secure messages to the provider in the app.

Charge Capture

VISIBILITY into revenues
in real-time.
Revenue Dashboard


MIPS Registry

Collecting MIPS measure data has never been easier. Integrated with Charge Capture, providers are prompted only for input on relevant measures. An intelligent agent automatically marks off measures as documentation arrives such as Opioid Risk Analysis forms and Controlled Substance Agreements.

For compliance staff, summary and detail reports make it easy to see how providers are doing, making it easier to coach providers who may be falling behind.


Referral Management

SMARTMD helps physicians maximize revenue from referrals & manage the patient intake process. With easy tracking, you see the progression of your referrals from initial fax, through the first contact, appointment setting, visits, and billing.

Plans and Pricing

Pricing plans tailored to fit you. Pay for what you need, and nothing more.


7 million reports delivered to thousands of physicians since 1999.


U.S. based staff produce quality work on time, with a money back guarantee.


Phone support from clinical experts who understand your needs, 7 days a week.