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Someone is waiting to read your opinion on a case. Not only does the quality of your report matter to the case, your next referral hinges on it. With hundreds of pages of medical records to review and a tight deadline, it can be a challenge.

SMARTMD has over a decade of experience helping physicians and firms with their IMEs, QMEs, and Medical Records Reviews. Our US transcribers are trained to make sure your reports are accurate, complete, and free of embarrassing typos and grammatical mistakes. Plus, with over a decade of experience, we can help you organize and format your report so that its to the point and professional.

To save you time, we can produce a report from a simple dictation, your handwritten notes, a worksheet, or any combination of the above. We can even organize and list the medical, hospital, and diagnostic records, directly from the medical chart, so you don’t have to.

I can’t tell you how pleased I have been with their professionalism, promptness, completeness and competitive pricing. …I know there is little if any possibility of finding a dictation group with which I could be more pleased

Robert Messenbaugh, MD

I cannot even begin to say how much we depend on SMARTMD. Their turnaround is second to none. Our business requires our transcription service to be flexible so we can accommodate our client needs, and that’s what we get with SMARTMD. We never have a problem with their quality. If you’re looking for quality, reasonable pricing, flexibility, and a quick response time, then look no more.

Director of Operations, National IME Firm


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Quality Workmanship

US transcribers guarantee your reports look perfect.


Never lose site of where your reports are with our online tracking tools.


Online archive

Find and forward an old report for a client, anytime, anywhere.


On-time delivery

Get reports back to your client within 24 hours



Experienced staff can help you organize and format your notes so they are on point.


No startup fees
No minimums

With services this good, there’s no need to lock you in.



We’ll transcribe dictations, handwritten notes, or worksheets, whatever is easiest for you.


Professional Recorder

We provide the tools to make recording those long dictations easy.



Go ahead and make changes. Dictate addendums or fax in marked copies. We’ll have the corrections back to you the next day.