Difficult times for healthcare workers - SMARTMD Difficult times for healthcare workers - SMARTMD

For obvious reasons, there has been a spotlight on healthcare workers. From the overwhelming stress of the pandemic to the ongoing march of regulatory and technological changes, those who serve the healthcare needs of the country have faced the pendulum-like swings of public opinion and political focus over the past year as never before. Here are some of the stories we’ve seen recently. 

Playing Politics with Healthcare workers

Playing politics with healthcare, and healthcare workers, simply should not happen… but it does. From a podcast by @KevinMD, CourtneyAMarkham-AbediMD shares her perspective on the politicization of medicine over the past 15 year +.  Indeed, even in a few months, within politics, we’ve gone from admiration to villainization of our healthcare workers whose mission has never changed… save lives.

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Shared Frustration of Overwhelmed healthcare workers

Long days, and nights, are nothing new to medical professionals. But, the past 18 months have put an unprecedented strain on most hospital systems. It was hoped that once the vaccine was released, the overutilization of hospital resources would subside. In some places it has. Unfortunately, there are still large swaths of our country where hospitals continue to be inundated… and those that work there are carrying double, triple loads.

Read the story of one hospital that is, unfortunately, not unique.

Gaining Control where you can

In a system increasingly run like a machine, physicians express frustration and concern over their lack of control. The environments & systems in which many perform their roles are broken. But, Diane Summers shares a perspective on where physicians can exert control and have a greater impact.

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COVID Message coming from Doctors

There is no simple answer to overcome misinformation and vaccine hesitancy. But, one tactic that has been helping is the more personal communication directly from doctors to patients. In a time when systems seem to get in the way, it is good to realize that the patient relationship and trust in doctors is still one of the most powerful tools in providing healthcare.

This Havard study sheds light on the impact across racial lines.