December Holiday News & Notes - SMARTMD December Holiday News & Notes - SMARTMD

The entire SMARTMD family would like to wish our friends and colleagues, around the world, a safe and wonderful holiday season.

Looking forward with great excitement to 2020, SMARTMD’s 21st year working with top doctors and medical professional across the country.

Nandip Kothari, CEO

Celebrating 20 Years of Milestones

A lot has changed in the past twenty years but not SMARTMD’s commitment to serving medical professionals and all those who work tirelessly to support them.

While our commitment to care has not changed, technology over the past twenty years has, immensely. And, with it, the suite of incredible tools SMARTMD brings to the medical community. Always HIPAA compliant and with patients’ privacy our first concern, SMARTMD continues to put the latest technology in the hands of doctors, nurses, and their staff.

The infographic, below, highlights just a few of our most significant milestones over the past two decades. We can’t wait for what comes next.

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