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Blockchain: An Introduction

Guest post by Saravanan Subramanian Few technologies, let alone terms have garnered as much attention in recent years throughout the financial, ...
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Want EHR Interoperability, Just Take Out Your Phone

Being able to share patient charts has been on the healthcare agenda for decades. But technical challenges and organizational desire ...
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The Two Most Predictive Words

Guest post by Tom Riley, Founder and CEO, TapCloud LLC When talking about the healthcare needs and behaviors of individuals, ...
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Machine Learning Conversational Agents

Conversational Agents are Coming to Healthcare

“By 2020, the average person will have more conversations with bots than with their spouse”, predicts Heather Pemberton Levy in ...
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CAPC 2017 Seminar

CAPC 2017 Highlights

I had the fortune to participate in Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC) national seminar last week. Unlike healthcare tradeshows I've attended which ...
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Referral Management - Peter Drucker Quote

Referrals – Managing for Growth

Most of the clients I speak with understand the importance of their referral network. They inherently know that new referrals ...
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Secure PHI with SMARTMD

Securing PHI: Thinking Outside the Box

In healthcare, we don't make it easy for ourselves to keep patient health information (PHI) safe. First, we plaster the ...
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Enabling Microsoft EFS

Encrypting PHI on Your PC or Laptop – for Free

For all those documents that already have PHI imbedded, you need to encrypt copies sitting on your desktop. The good ...
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Referrals: Marketing for Doctors, Part 3

Over the past two months, we have discussed the great value inherent in being recognized as a physician, trusted medical ...
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The Trusted Ones: Marketing for Doctors, Part 2

All the time and work you have spent becoming a doctor bring you far more than knowing how to dress ...
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The Trusted Ones: Marketing for Doctors, Part 1

Mostly gone are the days of house calls; the days of admitting a patient without an expensive battery of tests; ...
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Keys to Getting Patients in the Door

A steady stream of patients into your clinic is a key part of a successful practice. Studies have shown that ...
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Sample image from deep art

How computers compose art, music, and now drugs

Yes, you read that correctly. Big pharma is teaming up with companies like Palo Alto based twoXAR to leverage artificial ...
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Machine Learning: What Your Computer Might Know That You Don’t

Nearly 50 years after the iconic film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, was released, the spine-chilling words, “I’m sorry Dave, I ...
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Multifactor Authentication

Two Factor Auth – Why Banks have Embraced it and So Should You

It was the late 1990’s and I was having dinner in Amsterdam with a senior security manager at HSBC bank ...
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