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Technology in different areas of healthcare

SHAREHealthcare has seen a great deal of technological advancement in a range of areas from diagnostics, treatment, and communication. Some of these are things from which patients will benefit but never see. Other tech will be front and center in the patient experience. Here are just a few of the articles we’ve seen recently. “Feeling” prosthetics… A team at Florida Atlantic University combines stretchable tactile sensors, liquid metal, and AI to place over 3,000 sensors on a fingertip of an…

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Palliative Care

SHAREArticles from our posts @SMART_MD on Twitter.  Focus: Palliative Care  As we share articles of interest on our social media accounts, we continue to learn quite a bit about what is happening in Palliative Care. Here are three that stuck out recently.  A nurse who laid the foundation for 40 years of palliative care in Australia Providing palliative care is difficult.  From educating patients and families, to gaining recognition, to lack of resources, providers of palliative care face a…

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