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Reports on the go

When you’re traveling between facilities, you can’t waste any time.

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Busy attending to patients at several facilities every day? New patients, follow ups, and just traveling take up all your time. Sitting down to dictate your notes simply isn’t an option.

SMARTMD transcription services enable you to create professional notes on the go. Our phone app lets you dictate anytime anywhere, while keeping track of the patients you saw. Don’t worry about the report, we’ll take care of sending a copy to the facility by 9am the next day, so you don’t have to.


— Features for ALF/Hospice/Nursing —


On-time delivery

Get reports back to the facility within 24 hours.

Dictate on the Run

Record, pause, and continue anytime anywhere with our phone app. Your dictations get uploaded for processing automatically.


Online archive

Pull up your prior report on the patient, even refax a copy to the facility.


No startup fees
No minimums

Whether you spend every day rounding patients, or once a week, there are no extra fees.


Confirmed fax delivery

Automated delivery to referring physicians, with a receipt for your records.


Never lose sight of where your reports are with our online tracking tools.