Medical Transcription

Efficiently dictate professional reports that reflect the special circumstances and individualized treatment of each patient. Substantiate medical necessity, stand up to audits, medical records requests, and the scrutiny of peers .

On-time Professional Reports
At a time when cookie cutter reports are becoming the norm, SMARTMD helps physicians stand out with well written, organized, reports that are pertinent to patient care. We provide transcription services to medical practices of all sizes and specialties throughout the United States, with a focus on personal injury , workers compensation , and IME practices. SMARTMD transcription services reduce cost, increase productivity, and enable today’s practices to remain competitive.


  • Quality medical transcriptions delivered by 9:00am the next business day 
  • Delivery by fax, web, or directly to your EHR
  • No Minimum term or volume commitment
  • No Cost dictations via 800 toll free number, digital recorder, iPhone app, or Windows tablet
  • No Cost secure 24×7 online access to dictations and transcripts
  • No Cost fax delivery to referring physicians
  • No Cost offsite backup
  • HIPAA compliant security
  • Dedicated US support
  • Consistent, quality services delivered by US and Offshore transcriptionists

To find out more about our medical transcription services, call us at 855-SMARTMD (855-762-7863)



High quality transcripts
Ensuring the accuracy of transcriptions is the top priority for SMARTMD because it has a direct effect on the quality of patient care. SMARTMD ensures the quality of every transcription by assigning each provider to one transcription team which can learn the nuances and preferences of each provider. Second, each team maintains a database of patient demographics, referring physicians, templates and macros to ensure that critical information is always correct. And third, our transcription teams apply a disciplined four-step process of transcribing, editing, automated grammatical/spell checking, and quality assurance to every transcription using our proprietary workflow engine.

Timely delivery
SMARTMD can ensure overnight delivery of transcriptions by the next business day, dictate by 9pm local time, transcriptions delivered by 9am next business day. Computer centers across the continental U.S. ensure that our phone lines, fax lines, and website are never interrupted. Our proprietary workflow engine ensures every dictation is tracked from submission to delivery.

Lowest overall costs
In addition to competitive rates per line, SMARTMD reduces overall operating costs. SMARTMD faxes transcriptions directly to referring physicians, so your staff doesn’t have to. Only pay if and when you need transcription services; no need to hire additional staff, purchase equipment, or buy software.

Works the way you do
Physicians can post dictations anytime and from anywhere using our 800 toll free number, using a digital recorder, or our native iPhone app. Medical transcriptions are delivered via fax, over the web, or directly into your SMARTMD EHR . SMARTMD supports bundling multiple transcriptions to reduce the time to distribute to physicians.

Meets regulatory guidelines
Complying with evolving government regulations can be a job on its own. SMARTMD’s knowledgeable staff does the research for you and incorporates into all our products and services everything necessary for your healthcare business to be federally compliant in 2011.Whether it is HIPAA security compliance, or qualifying for ARRA incentives, SMARTMD can help you stay ahead of government regulations.

How it works

Medical transcription workflow
Exceeding industry quality standards requires more than just good transcription skills, it requires a well-defined process which is enforced by state of the art technology. SMARTMD has been modeling, analyzing, and improving our medical transcription process for over a decade. That knowledge is imbedded in our proprietary Workflow engine which ensures transcriptions are processed consistently. First, the engine automatically routes dictations to the best qualified resource. Every transcriber uses the SMARTMD Transcriber Workstation where templates, patient demographics, macros, and medical dictionaries are available at their fingertips. The engine automatically checks the work, then moves the transcript to proof readers and QA staff to double check quality assurance. The final transcript is assembled and automatically delivered to the clinic for pick up from the fax machine, web, or from their EHR . SMARTMD’s proprietary Workflow engine ensures consistent deliveries at the lowest overall costs for our customers.

Delivery model
SMARTMD works the way you do. Doctors can submit a dictation by simply dialing a toll free number from their office or mobile phone. For convenience and higher quality recordings, doctors can use their favorite digital recorder or a SMARTMD recorder. Dictations can be submitted from anywhere using our one button upload on our SMARTMD website.
Receiving transcriptions is just as simple. You can pick up transcriptions the next morning through fax, our secured website or directly from your EHR software application . If you choose, referring physicians will receive a copy of the transcript the next morning by fax.

SMARTMD website
The SMARTMD website provides administrators and physicians an easy way to track every dictation submitted. The website provides up to the minute status on where the dictation is at in the lifecycle, as well as the status of transcription deliveries to the clinic and referring physicians. We track costs per transcript, as well as cumulative costs. You can locate any transcription within a 12 month period, reprint, refax, or resend the transcription to yourself or other physicians at no cost, and without tying up your fax machine at the office.
Administrators can manage their own users, locations, patient lists and contact lists directly from the website, as well as receive remote support instantly by using our Tech Connect link which is located on the website when you login.

SMARTMD hosts a bank of fax servers and phone lines to both receive and transmit faxes. Our fax server bank ensures that an incoming or outgoing fax is never lost. SMARTMD systems retry faxes up to 10 times over a 2 day period before giving up and marking the fax as undeliverable.

Offsite backup
SMARTMD maintains a backup of all transcriptions for up to 12 months. Files are stored securely behind firewalls and on clustered servers across the United States to ensure their protection and availability.