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Secrets to Saving 30% on Transcription Costs

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Save money on Medical Transcription

With reimbursements on a steady decline, saving money is a top focus for practices. One of the first places doctors look to shave costs is their transcription bill. All too often, I see providers taking a narrow view of the problem and not looking at the big picture. Shopping around for a lower line rate is one approach, but it is akin to driving 50 miles to save 2c on a gallon of gas. When you add up the cost of the fuel to get there, your time, and wear on the car, you actually LOSE money. To achieve significant tangible savings, look more broadly at the entire process of creating a report – from dictation to delivery. Going back to the gas analogy, carpooling is a far more effective means of saving money, and it has numerous ancillary benefits, including reduced stress and lowering your carbon footprint.

Here are 3 simple ways you can significantly reduce the costs in your practice by looking at the end-to-end transcription process.  read on….

Nothing but good things to say

We have been using SMARTMD to assist our transcription operations for several years with our 6-location podiatry practice. SMARTMD transcription is extremely accurate, and I’ve never had any issues with customer service. They have been a pleasure to deal with, and have always been open to suggestions and changes in the way we chart. I would recommend anyone with transcription needs to use SMARTMD.

Dr Tony Giordano

Foot & Ankle Associates of Michigan