Company Profile

SMARTMD is a leading provider of clinical productivity applications and business services for the healthcare industry. Our products and services help practices streamline operations, reduce costs, and comply with industry regulations enabling physicians to dedicate more time to providing quality care for their patients. Founded in 1999, SMARTMD currently provides services for over 1000 physicians across 39 states.

Our business philosophy is simple – take care of our customers, and they will continue buying services from us for the life of their practice. Putting this philosophy into action is simple – we focus on offering great customer service and enable it with leading edge technology so that it is affordable. Nearly every dollar of profit is invested in improving service delivery or developing innovative solutions. Satisfied customers are the source of our growth, not expensive marketing campaigns or showy salesman – with word of mouth referrals generating 90% of new customers. For SMARTMD, every client, small and large, is important. To hear how well we live up to our reputation, watch the customer testimonials from a few of our clients. The one phrase you’ll hear over and over is “Great Service”.

As much as our customers like us, SMARTMD is not the right company for every practice. Our typical client is a group of specialists operating out of 1-5 clinics. Our services and products are particularly well suited for what we call the “neuromuscular” specialties – providers who work on bones, joints, muscles, and nerves. This includes orthopods, chiropractors, neurologists, physiatrists, physical therapists, occupational therapy, and pain management.

Many clients start with with a single product or service such as transcription, and over time, add or remove services as the needs of their business changes. With our breadth of capabilities, SMARTMD has helped doctors in every stage of their business, from the chaotic period of launching their practice, through steady state, and eventually winding down the business as doctors reach retirement.